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5 Popular Tools to Help Plan Your Content for Social Media

5 Popular Tools to Help Plan Your Content for Social Media

The power of social media can hardly be overstated. It is extremely important to post the right content on social media platforms at the right time in order to help grow your business or brand.

The trouble in all this set up is that you need to be available at all times to post content at the time when your target audience is online. However, if you have Social Media Content planning tools, things can become a lot easier for you.

In the coming text, we’ll be discussing how to create a content calendar, how to manage content calendar, and how to plan content calendar using some of the best tools made for this task.

The tools we’re about to explore are not only good for content planning but also provide superb teamwork solutions. You can use any of these platforms to bring your team virtually to one table and work collaboratively to get better results.

Your social media manager, freelancer, website developer, and graphics designer can utilize these platforms to work as a team to get things done effectively and in a timely manner.


Trello promises to enable you to work efficiently in collaboration with your team and get more done with lesser effort using a smart approach and teamwork. Trello provides boards, cards, and lists that make is very easy and fun to prioritize and organize content in a flexible and fun way.

Trello is focused on working together. It empowers you to work from any place with any team of your choice. You can even keep an eye on your work while being on a family vacation.

Trello keeps the information organized for you so that you can check to see the progress of each task at any time. You can also assign start and finish dates, comments, attachments and so much more.

Trello also offers a certain degree of automation with the following features:

  • Rule-Based Triggers
  • Custom Card & Board Buttons
  • Calendar Commands
  • Due Date Commands


Asana is a tool that can be very helpful in keeping your team connected and organized. This tool can help your team to stay focused on the work at hand, achieve milestones, and reach their goals within the deadline.

Asana makes it possible for you to automate your work. You can let the bots take care of tedious repetitive tasks so that you and your team can focus on what actually needs a human touch. Planning social media content is very easy and straight forward with this tool.


One of the best options ClickUp has to offer is that you can very easily import data from other productivity apps you might be using and organize it in one place. Switching from any apps to ClickUp is pretty simple.

This tool can be your all-in-one content planning and automation tool. It takes care of tasks that do not need human input and automates them to save your team some time. A lot of labor-intensive tasks can be automated using this platform. Use ClickUp and forget about all the trouble of long email threads and using different platforms for file sharing.


Airtable’s biggest advantage over other social media content planning tools is that you can use it for free for a team of any size. However, you do have paid plans that add advanced features to this amazing service.

It is a tool, which can be used to collaborate with anyone from anywhere. No matter if your social media manager is in Singapore, your freelancer is in India and your graphic designer is working from California all can come together to collaborate and interact in a constructive manner to achieve their goals efficiently.


Podio is all about keeping things in sync. Your team can come together and work like they are working in an office. It helps get more work done in lesser time. Podio gives the admin the powers to keep different projects mutually independent and lets the admin decide which information can be accessed by which member of the team.

It is important to keep updating new content on your social media channels. However, it is also time-consuming to update social media accounts at the time when your target audience is available.

The social media content planning tools we’ve discussed above can make it easier for you to keep updating your social media accounts and pages. These tools are also great for your team to sit together and work on things in a collaborative manner. You can easily use these tools to learn how to create a content calendar and how to plan a content calendar.

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